Harry George, an active and industrious member of ACE has looked through the Snohomish County Comprehensive Plan from 2015. These documents are important because they outline what the County has in store for its’ residents from 2015 until 2023. You can read them yourself, here: https://snohomishcountywa.gov/2139/Comprehensive-Plan

The ACE group members will continue to run through the documents but if you find something that worries you before we do, share it with us. The more eyes on this, the more we will surely find and of course, more quickly.

The important bits we’ve found so far..

228th ST SW

“Minor arterials offer a balance between through traffic movement and direct access to abutting properties. Intersections are at-grade with traffic control and geometric design features that emphasize movement of traffic over access to land. This class of roadway tends to carry substantial traffic loads on two to five lanes and extends for significant distances (examples: 180th Street SW and 228th Street SW).” – General Policy Plan, p.260 

What does that mean to 228th ST SW? Well, there have been rumors and “plans” referenced in meetings previously about 228th becoming “the new 220th”. Investigation has shown that the plan for infrastructure, should annexation happen, has Edmonds building out additional capacity on 228th ST SW. Right now, it’s allegedly going to be widened, with an additional bike lane built in, but that would all come at the cost of the currently County-owned verges and up to ten feet of private land being purchased under the rules of eminent domain.

Yes, you the lucky residents of 228th, would be forced to sell some of your land to the City or the County so that they can build a wider road and you get to enjoy increased traffic, pollution (noise and air), and of course sidewalks so that your morning stroll through traffic can be at least, safer.

Future Land use

The Future Land use map shows Esperance as being designated “medium urban density” with two additional pockets of “high urban density” being allocated on Highway 99 and Highway 104. In a nutshell, this means that townhouses are the largest developments normally allowed, with apartment buildings being permitted in the two areas for “high urban density”. Here’s an exploded out image of the map, which you can also find here: https://snohomishcountywa.gov/DocumentCenter/View/8757/Map1-Future-Land-Use

Edmonds Municipal Urban Growth

In the main document (a 293 page beast), there is a map which shows Esperance in terms of urban growth areas. Here’s the image, cropped for convenience (the original is here: https://snohomishcountywa.gov/DocumentCenter/View/40650/Complete-General-Policy-Plan—November-10-2016 ):

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