Important revelations re: Esperance Park

Tonights’ meeting, held in the grounds of the Unitarian Church, was the source of much consternation as it was revealed that Esperance Park is to be invested in by Snohomish County, as has been planned, but will then see the deeds to the park passed to the City of Edmonds!

This is a shocking turn of events, as many long standing residents of Esperance worked for and funded, with their own money, the acquisition of the site after the closer of the Elementary School.


The explosive topic of July 4th fireworks came up again, and many people expressed concern over the impending holiday celebration.  Several proposals and ideas were made, including new laws, and enforcement of existing laws to help reduce the reckless setting off of fireworks on neighborhood streets, but one approach was for neighbors to approach their immediate neighbors to talk about plans for holiday celebrations.

Another idea might be to organize  the usage of Esperance Park for the setting off of fireworks between specific hours. Volunteers could be on hand with sand and water buckets to help extinguish any unexpected fires, and Snohomish County Sheriff Deputies might be encouraged to attend or at least, be made aware of the activities and help plan accordingly.

The park is a community resource that needs to be protected, but needs to be utilized too: perhaps this is a way we can help with both.

More updates to follow.. 

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